DJR Team Penske Media Release


After the Beaurepaires Melbourne 400, the Supercars technical department, within their remit, conducted a Centre of Gravity (CoG) test on 10 cars.

Following this test, the technical department identified an imbalance, and a rule was then drafted to address and provide for CoG parity. This rule was subsequently passed by the Supercars commission and ratified by the Supercars board, which saw an adjustment made to the Mustang and ZB in the interests of technical parity.

We accept this decision and will be in complete compliance with the rule in time for Tasmania, which is our immediate focus at the present time.

Last week we proposed that an alternative process be formalised to determine the CoG of the three individual body shapes within the series and have committed to submitting a proposal on how this could be achieved, which is in line with a similar proposal we put forward last year. Under this proposal, all parts, panels and components as homologated under each car’s VSD would be collectively balanced under the principle of technical parity.

We are committed to working with Supercars and the other teams on this submission. This approach would result in a more accurate implementation of a CoG rule and would still allow all teams to then make their own decisions in the composition and make up of their race cars beyond the paritised homologations of the three makes, which is in the spirit of the series. 

We are proud of the Mustang that we have developed in conjunction with Tickford, Ford and Ford Performance, and stand by its capability.