GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – [MAY 25, 2018] – Scott McLaughlin and Fabian Coulthard are using a state-of-the-art Australian designed and manufactured race simulator to stay on top of their game – and the Supercars Championship.

Shell V-Power Racing Team has formed a partnership with industry leading race-simulation company Simworx that includes a state-of-the-art Simworx SX02M V2 Pro Motion Simulator being installed at the team’s Stapylton headquarters.

With on-track test days heavily restricted in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, the benefit of a quality training tool like the SX02M V2 Pro Motion Simulator has become vitally important to allow drivers and engineers the opportunity to test in the virtual world.

Simworx have designed and developed simulators that are unique in the way they operate, and the way they look and feel to the user. Using the latest technologies available, they have designed a motion simulator that is distinctive in its operation, compact and  affordable.

Continual developments and upgrades ensure that the Simworx simulator platform remains relevant and never becomes obsolete. It has now become a key part of the Shell V-Power Racing Team driver and engineer preparation leading into each Supercars race weekend.

Jack Klaver, Chief Executive Officer of Simworx said that it is exciting to be partnering with the Shell V-Power Racing Team, to both continue development of his product and assist the team in achieving its goals.

“Dick Johnson and Roger Penske are icons of the sport.  Theyare racers through and through and continually strive to win,” Klaver said.

“It is exciting to be part of a team with such talented drivers and engineers, and we look forward to working with them as they strive to achieve both the Driver’s and Team Championships in 2018.

“On a personal level, it is fantastic to be re-united with Scott McLaughlin – who has previously used our products – now at a professional level within such a quality development environment. Working with Fabian Coulthard is an added bonus. The test for Simworx is to supply the team with the tools that they need, and we look forward to that challenge.”

Shell V-Power Racing Team No.17 driver Scott McLaughlin said that it was the closest thing he’s experienced to driving his Shell V-Power Ford.

“The feedback coming though the steering wheel, the way the pedals and gearshift feel genuinely mimics the real thing,” McLaughlin said.

“Combined with the motion force through the hydraulic system, you can get a genuine feel for how the car might be handling around a particular circuit before we even get on the plane. It allows me to get my eye in before hitting the track, and that’s awesome when the field is separated by tenths of a second.”

Shell V-Power Racing No. 12 Driver and most recent Supercars race winner, Fabian Coulthard, said that a quality simulator like the Simworx SX02M allows the team to head into events better prepared than ever.

“Having tools like this simulator in our possession means that we are heading to the track with laps under our belts and a feeling of preparation that we’ve not previously had,” said Coulthard.

“We took delivery from Simworx just after the Grand Prix, and our on-track pace has really come on from there. I think that being able to simulate on-track scenarios has definitely assisted our performance at each event,” Coulthard concluded.