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All of us here at Shell V-Power Racing Team are saddened by news of Holden’s closure announcement. Holden has always been a fierce and competitive rival on both the track and in the showroom. A great Australian brand coming to an end is sad for our country, no matter your allegiance. We feel for those who will be affected, and look forward to continued strong competition on the track. #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

All of us here at Shell V-Power Racing Team are saddened by news of Holden’s closure announcement. Holden has always been a fierce and competitive rival on both the track and in the showroom. A great Australian brand coming to an end is sad for our country, no matter your allegiance. We feel for those who will be affected, and look forward to continued strong competition on the track. #VASC

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Well said Shell V Power. It is sad I am a DJR supporter have been for years but it is fun to stir up the Holden fans and get them biting. It truly is sad for an Aussie Icon and all the workers

I'm a Ford fan, but this news still hasn't sunken in. Another end of an era. Had one mentioned it during the Peter Brock day's. Racing people would have thought, an Asylum was missing a patient.

I hope some sort of chev backs the holden teams. Because as strong as the rival is. Supercars will not be the same without the Ford and GM rivarly.

As a ford fan for my whole life. I still find this sad for the workers but mostly for the competitive side of it. Sad that my kids wont get to have the same arguments about red vs blue

I luv the rivalry, I'm Ford thru and thru, but Holden, was uniquely Australian, and that means plenty, even to me. It just sucks what our government's have done to our country and industry.

Interesting too see that the sponsors on the Falcon - Palmer Tube Mills, Bryan Byrt Ford and Prudential Assurance have all gone bust too. That's not a dig at DJR, just fact

What a sad day for Australia, i am not a holden fan but it’s an Australian icon! Have always respected the rivalry between the 2 brands! Feel sorry for everyone involved!

I’m a die hard FORD fan, but this news is sad. Our long time rivals will no longer be...🙁🙁🙁. My childhood memories are of Holdens, my first car a Gemini. Still trying to grasp this sad decision, the end of Australia as we know it.........keep importing kids, it’s working for our country....NOT!!

I'm a Ford man and was so saddened when the Falcon was retired I feel for all the fans and workers losing their jobs and especially the blue vs red rivalry!

They can stick their logo where the sun don't shine. Australia has, over the years been stripped of all things Aussie.

When was the last time a holden or ford raced in V8s with a holden or ford gearbox and brakes etc I know ford engines come from the USA as does the chev engines and the engines in the race mustangs are not the same as the mustang you buy from your ford dealer .Nothing on the race cars fit the road cars anyway so both are really kit cars made from aftermarket parts. I reckon they should paint some of the mustangs red and some blue and we could get back to the red v blue thing.

Sad for all the workers and the poor Holden fans. Who will V8 Supercars favour now they won’t have a commodore to support.

It has been a fantastic battle over so many years, since way before computers were used at the track - sorry to see our most formidable foe, who has become a great mate too, will no longer be there with us. We salute you - Ford fan

Well apart from the very considerate sentiment towards the dark side in this post, the most notable thing to me is the amazing image of DJs TruBlu and how stunning it looks.

Thanks to the unions priced aussie manufacturers out of competing with lower wages in other countries

As a Henry supporter this is actually bad news, Any motor race in the world needs TWO rival teams to make it worth watching and to stir up emotions. We all know Holdens/Opals/Chevs are shitmixers but its good to have them as a competitor. I guess this means more job losses for some hard working Aussies - so best of luck to all those guys finding another job to support their families. 🏁

The end of supercars is near. " Must be read in a David attenborough style voice If we listen quietly we can hear Roland Danes heart actual stop beating for a second and the massive sudden burst of jealous rage and tears flow"

I recall no such grace coming out of the Holden camp in the brief time between Ford announcing their manufacturing withdrawal, and Holden announcing theirs. I feel for those losing jobs but good riddance to them.

Lucky I bought a Torana a while back. Sad to see part of this country's history gone altogether. 😥

Give me a thumbs up if you own a ford or Holden. Because that’s what kept it afloat in the country. I’ve only ever owned a ford or Holden. I’ve kept my part alive. Growing up as a kid you always supported either car manufacturer

Can Authentic Collectables do a limited run on the Tru Blu XD so fans like me don't have to pay outrageous eBay prices? Oh and yes sad day for the General of course...

Hopefully this is the kick Supercars needs to re look at the roll cage setup so we can have cars like the mustang, camaro, and the stinger plus other 2 door car manufacturers

Great respect for your rivals who are leaving & Ford Australia has been the benchmark 2.

We said it is a shame and a massive loss to our country and motorsport in this country.

I like both Ford and Holden but it's sad to hear this news. Love going to the races and hearing the supporters of each brand bagging each other made for interesting listening. Feel for the people that will lose their jobs over this. Kids of today won't know how fierce the rivalry was between the two brands in the early years of competition. That rivalry kept the fans coming back for more. Sadly this decision might be the end of V8S as we know it. Another icon lost 😥😥.

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1 day ago

Shell V-Power Racing Team

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All they need is a big Ford oval on the back guards. Like the old days . Why do some of the other Ford teams do and the main Ford team doesn’t .

Looking good! Looking fast! Roll on Adelaide!!

I really wish they would put the numbers back on the doors 😔 and not on the window

Unlike the launch video - are you going to remember you also have a driver called Fabian Coulthard 👍🏻 not taking away from Scotty’s year last year, but....

We can have it back to original spec now. Then get parity with new entry.

Imagine being the graphics designer at DJR/PENSK.... design a livery in 2017... nice mate you can have the next 4 years off. 😏

They look almost as good as the new XD 😁

So long as you legends have the same winning performance as the past couple years. Your true fans won't be to bothered about your awesome looking cars not changing their liveries. I like the red and white.

Are you guys doing autographs in Adelaide

I think someone made a mistake and used last year's photo. Would of been good to see a little variation this year

Their here 😍😍😍🚗⛽🏁🍾🐎👍Ready for some mighty 17 12 overtures this season Fabian and Scott your the best🎺🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎷📯🎺🥁

Great photo guys!

Good luck this year team👍👍.

Awesome stuff team, good luck team 💙🚗❤️

Looking forward to seeing the team in Adelaide 💯👌 won 4 day pass from #bp_ultimate_racing_

Fantastic Team Good luck👍

The cleanest looking cars on the grid.

Can't your design team come up with a better livery it looks plain as and the same look as last few years

Go team shell v power you are the benchmark gold

The wheels look good! Anything other than god awful black. I tell people that want black wheels just don’t wash them and they will turn black soon enough.

I only hope the boys drive well as they did last year

See you at the Bend tomorrow.

Come on guys... Its time for a new livery already! This one’s what, three years old now?

Yes. Three feet high. And on the roof.

And the award to the most boring Supercars team goes too.... *drum roll* DJRTP for running the same livery for 4 years straight😭🤦‍♂️ Joseph Buhagiar

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2019 is History. 2020 Starts Now.
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I think I got a mention..

Up the haters, car looks great, good luck lads. Lets see how Roland and Supercars try clip your wings this season

Well done Shell team, Scott, and Fabian you are a well oiled machine and you all deserve the accolades. Bring on 2020, much success to you all ❤️

I knew it was a good year but didn’t really comprehend just how good until seeing this. Record pole positions, record race wins, Triple Crown, Bathurst, Teams Championship, Drivers championship. That’s pure dominance. Hope 2020 brings more of the same.

Supercars won’t let you win this year or next year with the Opal on its last legs, you thought last year was bad look out for this year, they have already started with making all the chayotes the Mustang to slow it up, just admit it, it’s a corrupt competition

Wow just got shivers down my body can’t bloody wait. Flying to Adelaide tomorrow for pre testing. At the bend. New 2020 merchandise already ordered. So excited

What's 888 doing next year.? Mustang

Watch this gives me goosebumps i bleed blue blood and have always been a djr fan good luck this year

Cant wait, Team Shell Hoping for another great year , Fabian and Scott all the best for this year

Watched every race cheering for DJRTP. BRING ON 2020 🏁🚘🏁🚘

This season is going to be a lot closer than people think,I would not be game to pick an eventual winner.🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

Best livery best drivers best crew best cars best owners best #’s , go hard DJRTP

You were shown in the video, on the podiums and on track. We love you Fabian, without you it would have been a different story. You contributed mightily with all your points. A great team. Go Fabian.

Good luck for the season to everyone at djrtp. And rub Roland's face in the dirt again. Go Ford 💪💪💪

Good luck guys! Can’t come soon enough 👍👍

That’s not a season launch. That’s a 2019 review.

Great Team, Awesome Driver’s. Dominate boys 👊

You did an awesome job Fabian and will again this year.

Best of luck for this year guys 😀 Rip into it !!

Good luck to all at DJR The #17

Bring it on. Fantastic team. 🏆👌❤🐎

I would like the facts of how many negitive changes have been made to a certain make/model,and how many positive changes for another make please?

Best of luck team👍👍.

Goosebumps!!!! So good! Bring on 2020!

time for a championship hat trick SVPRT

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16.02.20 #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

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Common, lets get on with the season already...

2019 maybe history, but let’s see how many Holden teams bring it up in Adelaide?

If your making us wait just to show us the same car as last year's car livery that's shit guys just get on with it

New livery would be gr8

So... what happened with the presentation guys? Did I miss it or something? It's still the 16th here in Argentina, but it's the 17th already there in Australia. No photos, no articles? Weird.

Same livery

Let’s go

Can’t wait to see the new paint job Mark Piccoli

Helen Pearson

Lily Aquilina

Line it live it send it.

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16.02.20 #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

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I don’t mind them keeping the basic livery however they need to add a few different ones throughout the year.

16 2 is an awesome date it my daughters birthday go the fords

CTRL+C CTRL+V Same as it’s been the last 3 years. Nothing wrong with it...just is what it is. Can’t change if the sponsors don’t want it changed. Just would be nice to have different looking cars...any longer and they will be considered retro liveries.

Only hours to go until we find out the livery of the 2020 Championship winning Supercar!💪🏼👍🏻

Even from 2001-2002 they changed the AU livery a smige. They could of added some blue. It’s so boring now.

No point buying this years scale model if it looks the same as last year. 😬

Could’ve at least made some minor changes to the livery. Or reverse the red and yellow... anything.

Hi Scott Please don’t leave here we need you to win more championship Bec if you leave then Whincup will take over , please stay

Happy Cheap Chocolate Day

Change it up abit please So many ways you could do it without changing the colours

Bring on 2020!

Ryan Deegan same ol get up but got goosebumps ngl

Lachie May

Justin Kerslake

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6 days ago

Shell V-Power Racing Team


Shell V-Power Racing Team has announced an expanded multi-year partnership with trusted Australian tyre provider Beaurepaires.

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Shell V-Power Racing Team has announced an expanded multi-year partnership with trusted Australian tyre provider Beaurepaires.


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Everyone saying need livery changes look at the favourites from years gone by they weere favourites because they remained the same for years and it became an identity in its own right just not a one season livery... think the Sierra, the true blue, greens tuff ford falcon n mustang, shell fai falcon era, shell helix au... it’s building it’s own legacy this scheme

Changing livery dilutes the brand. The most recognisable cars on the track.

Bring on a new livery, this ones getting a bit old, back in the 80s a lot of teams didn’t have the budget to come up with multi coloured schemes, thank god for today’s vinyl wraps. I remember when some fans thought the Bathurst HRT Star Wars liveries were airbrushed. Embrace change, move forward.

Really wish the livery would undergo a refresh....but you have to work with what the sponsors want and it is a really nice livery. It’s just a bit tired after a few seasons. If you leave it the same for much longer it will be classed as an every round retro livery. 😋

Clean cut, tidy, well shaven smart drivers make a livery as well. I personally like the livery colours, if you are out front all you want the others to see is brake lights and spoilers anyway.

The best presentation you can have is to show how you progress and not stay stagnant. I was hoping for a change up, but!!

People forget unlike other teams the sponsors for DJRTP don’t change ever year so the car isn’t going to have big changes. 2 Drivers Championships, 2 Teams Championships Bathurst win in 3 years maybe just maybe DJRTP are concentrating on the things that count.

New livery won't make it go faster! Goal is to keep sponsers happy. Mabye other teams should focus on performance on the track as opposed to in shed.

Need to remember that to change the livery would also mean new suits, merch etc. Big call to do something really different to last year

How can this team not listen to the majority of its fans and throw down a new livery or at very least a livery freshen up!!!!??? 🤬🤬🤬

That's fantastic Congratulations Cheers Beaurepaires👏👍

Without the major sponsor (who determines the livery) you don't have a car.

Can anyone update me on our end of year gift from 2019? Thanks in advance unsure if they’ve been mailed out yet?

That was previously SHARP on the front bumper corners, Beaurepaires was on the rear bumper corners. I wonder if the rear of the car has significant changes?? 🧐 More yellow perhaps?

Love your work keep it up.

Hopefully this year's livery is different to the last 3 years... it gets kinda boring otherwise, the fans look forward to the reveals every year.

Best lookin cars on the grid, livery says DJRTP

Well you won't miss it.

They have more money then any other team in supercars but cant change there livery. Please just give us something different

New livery ha please. Same every year. Boring

Please have some change to the livery

Hey Scott Ruddock looks like you have some good tools to work with now, regards uncle brian

Looks like the stickers are put on crooked.

Brad Cleghorn a lot of people hate the current livery - I think it’s neat, bold and looks quite good

Time for a trip to nascar. You can do it

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