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With the Superloop Adelaide 500 fast approaching, our PPG Refinish Australia & New Zealand paint booth has had plenty of panels through its doors in the last couple of weeks. #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

With the Superloop Adelaide 500 fast approaching, our PPG Refinish Australia & New Zealand paint booth has had plenty of panels through its doors in the last couple of weeks. #VASC

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How about a spare car? You guys know we are pissed off at the new rules to slow the Stang down, if they start the season in front we will all blame the know it alls at Supercars. They can’t help themselves, don’t let FORD have a long run of wins like the commodore did, you can hear em in the board room now.

I wouldn’t worry about painting the rear wing and front splitter, you will be forced to changing them before Adelaide anyway.

Please team I hope you give the livery a bit of a change I know the saying if it ain’t broken don’t fix it but there’s nothing wrong with a change

Would be nice but unfortunately it’s all about the sponsors.

Great Job KC 👍👍👍

Nice booth

Woo hoo counting down the sleeps.

It will be the same has last year

Now that's a top team paint booth👍

Is that some Tru-Blu over spray on the stand?

Livery release date?

Metallic Red please

When are you guys gonna show the 2020 car ?

Shell V-Power Racing Team, bring it on.

Roland called, those wings are not flat enough... Better do them again

Counting the seconds until race day.

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4 days ago

Shell V-Power Racing Team

Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity!👇🏽#VASC ... See MoreSee Less

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Love the XD I have one of the special edition ones that came out in 80-81.

This is great, everybody loves a blue beast...!!!!

Blast from the past ,,,would be great to see

Wow, not much time to go. Cant wait to see how she goes. Car looks amazing.

Dick. I used to do work at the track on the other side of yatala pies. Some one told me . That you used to strap the apprentices into the seat and scare them. Then tell them make sure the bolts are done up tight. Because it is my bum in the line. True or not?

Can’t wait to see the finish of the restoration. Luv ya guts Dick Johnson

Great work 🤙

Good to see guys. I had one f these as my 2nd car. Loved it

Love it , my first set of wheels was a blu xd " 11 -12 yrs on the rd "

Just. Wow!

Keen for a Look

Would rather watch touring car masters than the joke that supercars has become.

is it going to be same sign writing as TRU-BLU ?

Any ideas price please

Still have pic tru-blu on my wall

Dallas Kelman

Michael Elston

Robert Underwood your shout

Aaron Ivory the absolute DREAM!

Nathan Hastings looking forward to seeing this one.


Robert Heidt

Lisa Rose

Jeffrey Honsa

Locked in!! Can't wait for a lap with the legend Dick Johnson.

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The Halberg Foundation has announced the ten finalists for New Zealand’s Favourite Sporting Moment of 2019 – the only category voted for by the public at the 57th Halberg Awards and
just like much of the year, Scott McLaughlin is in the ten! 😉

To vote for Scott to win the award, head to and follow the prompts. #VASC
... See MoreSee Less

The Halberg Foundation has announced the ten finalists for New Zealand’s Favourite Sporting Moment of 2019 – the only category voted for by the public at the 57th Halberg Awards and
just like much of the year, Scott McLaughlin is in the ten! 😉

To vote for Scott to win the award, head to and follow the prompts. #VASC

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That’s a terrible website to vote on Is there a way of streamlining the link so we can share it on our “fans of “ pages ...should get you a few thousand votes if it’s easy 😝

Only way I could get it to except my mobile was to replace 0 with +64 hope this helps others

Voted number 2 😁😎🏁

Voted 👍good luck!

Good luck Scotty....would be great to see a motorsport nominee take it out.....

Done. Every day 🚘🏁

Voted. So deserves this award. He’s done what no other Supercars driver has ever done. 18 race wins Darwin Triple Crown 🚘🏁

Would love to vote, but it just keeps telling me my details are incorrect! So good luck Scotty, hope it’s not rigged! 🤔

Hey Scotty you are the best and famous might blue oval Ford mustangs V8 super cars driver and a champion as well and good on you because you do care about ather people and that is really cool about that and you are the best.....


Only open to NZ residents living in NZ. Terms and Conditions you agreed to? Hate to see another contentious win in the news.

Remember you can vote every day!

The +64 on mobile # works go Scotty.

its a pity the halbergs seem to be anti motorsport when it comes to the winners here =\

Done no issues here, maybe they have fixed the issue.

Sorry Scott, Alex and the entire DJRTP crew. I'd vote a thousand times over but I now live in the uk 😭

Voted ♥️

Done and dusted

was easy - this is the link you want

I tried!! Gotta give you credit John Price if you found it

Rebecca Brierton you should know where to vote

Anyone in NZ can txt Sm8 to 556 not sure about Australia though

#voted Much easier link! ✅

The award, if won by Shell V-Power Racing Team, should be collected by whoever Mr Debriss is.

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A terrific step forward from Supercars introducing a new 3-strike policy to remove offensive behaviour on social media platforms. Read the policy here: ... See MoreSee Less

A terrific step forward from Supercars introducing a new 3-strike policy to remove offensive behaviour on social media platforms. Read the policy here:

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Absolutely...!!😀 A great start to cleaning up the rot and giving their social media page back for the enjoyment of ALL fans. Supercars also need to re-think how they introduce a lot of their posts, as they do incite a lot off negative reaction at times IMHO. We'll see...but at least it's a start. Hopefully it makes life a bit easier for all Supercars related page/group admins too!😁

Awesome idea..about Mum always said if you haven't got anything nice to say about people don't say anything ... So many rude and immature comments made about the Drivers and Teams over the years by supposed adults ..

I welcome this and hope it isn’t just laughed off as Supercars trying to control people as some seem to think. Some of the posts last year went quickly from banter to vile name calling and worse. We’re all passionate fans or we wouldn’t be here but there’s a line that should never be crossed!

Great to see some action brought in, to calm down what has been escalating to something that was becoming horrific to witness/read - about time it was reigned in! Hopefully it will make reading about this sport, and support from its fans through comment sections, enjoyable again. I can see some trying to 'test the limits' of it though, to see if they're serious about it - hopefully most will take this seriously.

Good to hear .. it often occurs to me that most of the monkey wrench comments come from people who don't realise that the fan base on the groups page includes younger fans as well .. ... i missed out by 3 people getting some merchandise signed but i didn't run down the drivers or the sport for it yet at the race there are numerous opinions overheard as you walk around the race grounds .. but none as bad as some of the banter on social media where people think they are safe to lash out .. ... scotty is probably one of the better drivers in the competition .. no doubts about tempers flying on track its a natural occurrence known as road rage off the track ... but professional drivers should know better .. it doesnt matter if its a ford or holden .. nissan .. porche .. toyota these drivers do thier best .. myself I've been watching scottys progress since i 1st saw him race in the Volvo.. keep up the good work scotty was great to see you win back to back championships ... i'll be there again next year to see you in Newcastle..

Here’s to a brilliant year ahead. Champion drivers & team, powerful ponies, edge of your seat racing ❤️💛

This is a great step forward in creating a platform where we can all share our enjoyment of some of the best motorsport in Australia. I'm just interested in how heavily or light or nearly the last item might be enforced. After all what is good natured ribbing to one person could be construed as something else by others. Especially between supporters of two different teams in the heat of race day.😀

Long over due, hopefully all the teams will adopt a similar stance and action on their own social media pages.

It goes both ways. I’m giving the season three rounds to prove its worth watching and if its still like last year then I’m out. The fox subscription can go also.

Supercars should make the ruling that anyone breaching the outlines of their social media policy with offensive or slanderous comments must meet the person face to face that the comments are aimed at and see what happens from there, I wonder if they would be so bold ?

Does it count for texts from team managers from holden.i hope so. Hsv team andretti gonna need a new team owner after febuary

yes great start lets hope they crack down teams and the drivers along with having a think about the clickbait articles they do which incites a lot of stuff. This is a good starting point and lets hope they can make this area more professional

That's fantastic. Something needed to be done. Well done to Supercars for starting the year right.

Perfect. The drivers cop too much abuse. As do others sharing their opinions.

Great Decision Supercars. Abit of respect for people’s opinions is first and foremost.

Good idea but.....I do believe that if those that are calling the shots on the day are making blatant mistakes and handing results to teams/drivers that otherwise shouldn't/wouldn't have got them, then a spade should be called a spade (not with vulgar/threatening language tho) without the risk of being censored off the page. Maybe then the mistakes wouldn't be made and fans wouldn't need to vent so much, hey Timbo!

Supercars are the cause of half the issues. Think they need to worry about other issues first rather than social media

Very good idea, will mean I can use the comments to find either great light hearted messages or actual information, as apposed to "Team name here paying Supercars for this" which seems to be what it mostly has been recently...

One of the worse socil media pages to be a part of I've found.. I think the only ones left there are ignorant bullies. So we'll see how that goes...

Long overdue. Hopefully the toxicity in pit lane is also countered.

Supercars never admits their own fault. They better do good this year or fans will walk away. Wake up CEO

Fantastic! Long overdue and about time!

Good news lets hope it works ,but the teams that abused the umpires and DJRTP and Scotty got off free when they should have been fined big time for bringing the sport down, do your job properly supercars and in force your rules to all teams and drivers , you are the ones that let it get out of control, strike one for me

Hope they deal it out to Drivers and owners so what happened doesn’t happen again. Hope this isn’t just so Supercars can stop any negative comments against themselves

Fantastic news but why give them 3 chances. First strike and you’re out! Zero tolerance!

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First laps in a Team Penske Indy Car for Scott McLaughlin ✔🙌 ... See MoreSee Less

First laps in a Team Penske Indy Car for Scott McLaughlin ✔🙌

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The IndyCar should suit Scott being a gocart on steroids lol. Hope he and Roger Penske help grow and have success with this avenue.😎

Scott's talent and Penske backing, the world is his oyster..or stay at Supercars and become a gone nowhere has been.

Hope you did well in the Indy car and challenge yourself in what ever you want to do mate! Good luck next year in the stang hope you stick around but if you decide not too most will understand.

It's up to you Scotty #BacktoBack #Championships Won Bathurst I wish you all the best whatever your decision is but I hope you stay for another 2 years at least👍🏆🏆

Never want See Scotty leave the Super Cars for at least 2 years . Just want to see him piss of Roland and we know he is the best on the track knock them out Scotty in 2020 👍 And God Bless Rodger Penske

ENJOY Scotty, but make sure u come back to supercars xx

All the best in your life. There is more to the sport than supercars, go and enjoy them mate.

Well done mate you earned this! Congratulations not many driver get this chance.

Why would he stay in a sport that give him so much grief last season was the worst. He is true sportsman Scotty, good luck and enjoy the opportunity.

I selfishly don't want him to leave our shores because the long-suffering Ford fans in Australia have needed a hero like Scotty for a long time. But because I have so much admiration for him, I sincerely hope he kills it over there 👍

While it's great to see him doing this and I wish him all the best, damn it's going to suck not seeing him in the Mustang much longer.

Big things are coming your way Scott! How did it go? Would love to hear all about it. On the other hand, I cant wait for the v8 supercars season to start 😀

What an awesome opportunity for Scott, he’s a very talented guy! Good luck to him, he’s worked hard to get to this point in his career! Would be sad to see him leave Supercars, but who knows what the future holds for him! ❤️🚗💙

Congratulations Scott. From JANDAL to Indy car. It only feels like weeks since you uttered those now famous words.

Demo laps at Bathurst this year!!!

1 more year here then he’s gone sadly for us fans but wish him all the best cheers 🍻

What an excellent opportunity, whether it leads to a position in a US Penske team or not.

Based on the way he personally shouldered the blame for what his team did why would he want to hang around V8 Supercars if another opportunity comes along ?

With his talent was always going to happen good luck to him and he will be sorely missed in the supercars.

Scotty will go and drive for the bow tie next year

A Penske Nascar would get him to the front end of the grid.

Move on scott. You will be victimised by your ability. Holden must win at all cost, because of the bias in the sport

Interesting to see that Indy Car went for the screen option - F1 could have gone that way too but went for the Halo instead.

Keep your options open Scotty. I drove one of them at Las Vegas and got to 150.2mph

Hope we dont lose him from supercars!!

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Holidays are over! It's time to build these beasts back up 💪🏼#VASC ... See MoreSee Less

Holidays are over! Its time to build these beasts back up 💪🏼#VASC

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Good luck with the year. Hope you take it to them hard. But with all bullshit that happened last year with the supercars witch hunt i have no interest in watching it this year. Supercars has become a farcical.

2020 will be shell v power year I think this year there be more interesting winner's on the podium let's hope it's more fair.

Hopefully the shell cars get a new livery for this season.

Every time I see a pic of the workshop it looks like you can do surgery in there

Hopefully a different colour scheme this year! Love the old look but a change would be nice

The red BULL team with Roland ,whingecup and cheeseburger will still complain that Mustang STILL HAVE A ADVANTAGE.

Go Shell and make them look awesome. Can't wait to see the finishing cars 🏆👍😍😀

Any chance of a new Livery - my 1/18 scale collection starting to all look the same.

Go Shell V can’t wait for the year to start Go Ford!!! 🏁🏆

Is that a third one I see in the back?

Love the current colour scheme👍

Love the shop pictures. I think its interesting that most Supercar teams use lifts while your NASCAR counterparts use jackstands.

Gee I would love to be younger and competent enough to work with a race team with a setup like that I would be in heaven

Hopefully you put a lil effort into a new livery 😂

Please get Roland Dane approval signed before trackside.😃

Probably just do a 4th year with the same livery as well... change it up a bit

You must be confident, Scotty still has orange numbers 😂😂

Hope they can build cars quicker than they send souvenirs from the shop

Starting from scratch or last year's chassis? Good luck this year

New livery for 2020 I hope

Time to get the whip out Ryan Story 🤣😂. See you’s at a race track this year 👍👍..

Shell V-Power Racing Team bring on 2020 and unleash those beasts and have another great year.

What pitty you weren't there when we came to the shop after you winning the championship to visit the meusum and buy Some gifts and souvenirs

Bring it on Shell V Power our Champions 👍😁

Let’s hope they can have a clean year this time 🤔

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