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What's your thoughts on kicking off the season at The Mountain? πŸ‘‡ #RepcoSC ... See MoreSee Less

Whats your thoughts on kicking off the season at The Mountain? πŸ‘‡ #RepcoSC

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It Takes away the Ora of Bathurst it was always the Grand final of the V8 super cars now it doesn't feel so Special. some things just shouldn't be messed with & Bathurst is one of those things.

It's a great endurance track, not so sure if it's a sprint track.

Nah, Bathurst is special and it takes most of the gloss off of the season finale.

There has been two races at Bathurst on a season before. So it can again

Bathurst is always a great spot for racing. Twice in one year will be brilliant

Best track in the world! Deserves to have two rounds. However, not at the expense of Adelaide.

Well the Adelaide 500 race was always the opener and it was also the best meeting of the season, bar Bathurst, so they have todo something that is going be exciting and as good as what they had. The SA Premier should go see Specsavers if he thinks that it wasn't working.....

Look I can’t complain, racing will be happening and in these trying times supercars need to adapt to suit until everything gets under control. It’s only for one year , so I’ll still watch and enjoy it.

A well loved track with a different format. I dig it. And an acceptable replacement for the 12 hour.

πŸ‘ŽNope. Ruins the uniqueness and excitement of the 1000. Put it at the end of the year and make it the big grand finale like it used to be. Teams can commit 100% to winning it without the risk of ruining their year.

Should not happen, it takes away from the 1000 just look at other great tracks around the world that have races constantly. They have lost the triumph of being in a select group.

So much change! Cant wait to see what the new year brings to supercars!

All for 2 events at Mount Panorama 2x 250km races compared to 1x 1000km is completely different Creates 2 different complexity’s of racing compared to the 1000km in October I’m all for it

Sort of cheapens it for me, love Bathurst but yeah 2 events just doesn't keep the same prestige...

I think the mountain should be a once a year race! The Race. Although I love the track, and would love to see a short style race there. It should remain that one weekend a year where we all gather to watch the great race.

no offence Shell V Power racing team..... One thinks this is a one off because supercars being the promoter for the 12 hour would have the venue booked, and may have just been able to change the date, rather than breech the contract and pay for nothing to happen.... 99% sure next year will see the 12 hour back to the first Sunday in February and this not the opening round....

Untested new cars may go rattle rattle rattle boom, with such a tough race first on the schedule. Our DJR's won't but all those new cars on a new grid, who knows.

Should only be one Bathurst at the end of the season and it shouldn't be for points but a stand alone. Having one at the start takes away the gloss for the 1000.

A Clockwise direction race around The Hill would be a better suggestion,and I have been saying this for years! But no one listens πŸ˜”

Don't really care where they start as long as we get to see them all out there..but Bathurst should be the last race of the year like it use to be .. can't wait for the season to start...

Go to Phillip Island and save Bathurst for October

As a spectator, fantastic. As a team, could very very expensive with rusty drivers...

Not a fan when other tracks have been left off the calendar. Phillip Island for one.

Don't mind it, they went there for a non endurance race quite some time ago. I thought it was great DJ did a horizon job on the field only to have the rest wing fail at the case. Does anyone remember this?

Phillip island probably would of been better

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2 days ago

Shell V-Power Racing Team

Chassis paint is going on! #RepcoSC ... See MoreSee Less

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Definitely hoping for a different livery that’s out there.

Great Stuff Mate u get all the credit poor old Robbo

Onya K.C

Shite old KC is still there!

What sort of paint are you using

Awesome work πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Question, how long had the Mighty mite sponsor been with DJR?

A little livery tweak would be good.

Sneak peak at this years livery

This is the year we get a re-jigged livery 🀞

Really hoping for a different livery this year. Make it a DJRs livery and get rid of the Penske one.

Nice work KC

Just do something decent for once

I am hoping for a new livery this year crankout more yellow with red and white highlights

Might want to change your # that’s 2020

Doesn’t look like the first car his painted Keith Chesterton

I'm sure whatever the Livery Paint Scheme Shell still the Sponsor and looking at the Bosses many great Fords he shouldn't have any problems picking oneπŸ‘πŸπŸ’―πŸ† Dick Johnson Racing EST 1980

Mark Piccoli it’s art

Like to see this livery back.πŸ‘

Time for a revamped SVPR / DJR livery #formularyan. Yes, I've loved the livery & do realise that when Shell's colour is virtually red white a hint of white & a yellow shell as the logo, yeah. It'd not be easy & even you did a better job colouring in that piece of paper on that post because of your doctorate in mathematics allowed you to stay within the lines!!!!! I also understand that corporations are extremely strict about how their logo is presented & on paper or the screen looks totally different to on the car in the workshop and then launch date but look at 'certain issues' 1 mob had when it came to the TV'S ability to pick not just colours but varying shades of colours up to make then visible for the second or five that the car is on the screen in full, not just behind another car. Thus I do appreciate the fact that it isn't easy & best left to someone who can draw.

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3 days ago

Shell V-Power Racing Team

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Will be another successfully year for the whole team! Have some amazing brain's that help keep things running smoothly.

Good luck Dick and the new team for 2021. Can’t see you in Adelaide anymore. So disappointed. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Does this mean the cars will be predominantly red this year?

Forgot to add a 🐐

DJR will still be frontrunners this season

Go DJR.... way better than Rolland Dane.... aussie aussie aussie.... go hard boys.... πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™

GO DJR! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜πŸ‘

Go well Go Shell βœ…βœ…

Needs a Ford logo or Ford Performance logo but still love it.

Just opened my zipped hoody to wear to day

It might be a fair fight between all the Ford Teams this year

The longest active Team in the history of the Repco Australia Supercars Championship Dick Johnson Racing EST 1980. A truly great Legendary Team with sponsors ShellπŸ‘πŸπŸ†πŸ’―

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It’s good to be back. Let’s get to work! ✊🏽#RepcoSC ... See MoreSee Less

It’s good to be back. Let’s get to work! ✊🏽#RepcoSC

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Man hope Will and Anton don't get overwhelmed by all the Silverware the last Drivers collected, hopefully it inspires them to bring home even more, all the best DJR, Will and Anton

Let’s do it again boys come on good luck for the year ahead.

I’m sure you will have a good season this year. Good luck to you all.

Whoo Hoo can’t wait for the season to start! β€οΈπŸš—πŸ’™

Yes good luck in 2021 guy's

When are 2021 memberships coming out?

what would be nice on top of another championship is a new livery πŸ™‚

Goodonya Team!! All the very best for 2021!

henries set to go in 2021 good luck to all

The car under the covers looks like the roof is lower

Start with stripping that livery off the cars and changing it up a bit this year

What's under the black covers, maybe a Gen3 test car

Is the work shop open to the public yet as well, would like to see it before we head back to Canberra

Please change the colour scheme this year, even just put a few more stripes on there so it doesn’t look the same as the last five years.

Good lucky for 2021 guys n gals. Do we have a new livery this year?

Can we please have a slight tweak to the Shell V Power livery for this season

What will the numbers be? 17 and ?

Who is Ludo engineering this year?

Big bigger than the car garage dick started in !

Back to cheating

That is a site for sore eyes

Let's go Will and Anton🏎🏁🍾

Some buggers robbed all the bits out of them. 😁

And get prepared for fixing Davison’s car all season, hope you have lots of panels πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Whats under the cover ????????????

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Happy New Year from our team to yours! Looking forward to what's to come πŸ™Œ #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

Happy New Year from our team to yours! Looking forward to whats to come πŸ™Œ #VASC

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Bring on the racing V8 Supercars Shell v- power. May 2021 be great year.

Happy New Years too guys all the very best for the 21 season

Thanks, happy new year to all of your team too. Best wishes for 2021 and beyond πŸ‘

Happy new year team see you on the track and good luck πŸŽ‰πŸ†

Happy New Year to you all

Let's hope we looking at the champs. Good luck for 2021.

Happy New Year. Will be a good year!

#HappyNewYear2021 looking forward this season

lookin pretty slim there Will,be careful we dont want you doing a Davy Renalds on us when it matters most.

Keep up the good driving this year. Sorry Fabian not there. But happy new years to all

Looking forward to another great finish

Happy new year goodluck

Good luck for the next year, You guys have got some big boots to fill ,

So great to see Will back in DJR colors again but hes got HUGE shoes to fill..hope he can match it..go hard or go home😊 Long Live DJRπŸ’ͺπŸ‘

Happy new year to all. Looking forward to the new season. Go get them guys. πŸ‘

Happy new year go the Ford's in 2021

Happy New Year Shell V Racing Team.

Happy New Year to all ... pedal down this year πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Happy New Year DJR welcoming Will Davison & Anton De Pasquale we ready to win & more podiumsπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Happy New Year to you all .

Good looking roosters there and quick

Hope 2021 is a good year for the team

Same back at you .

With lots of wins and winning the championship .

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