The most successful organization in the history of motorsports added another chapter to its legacy today as Team Penske earned its 500th all-time race victory, when Brad Keselowski won in Las Vegas.

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Today’s Sandown 500 proved to be a challenging race for Shell V-Power Racing Team, but we pushed hard and came home as the first Fords after 161 flying laps with Scott & Alex in 4th and Fabian & Tony 7th.

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The Sandown 500’s unique qualifying format brought some surprises today, coupled with inclement weather, that challenged teams and allowed Shell V-Power Racing to vault up the grid.

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The Sandown 500 got underway today, with three practice sessions for teams to get their cars set-up for the big race. Shell V-Power Racing Team spent time fine-tuning their cars, with poor weather predicted over the weekend.

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Get a six cents per litre discount on any Shell fuel and go in the draw to win a Ford Australia Mustang GT and a daily $100 gift card!

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Get a six cents per litre discount on any Shell fuel and go in the draw to win a Ford Australia Mustang GT and a daily $100 gift card! 

Conditions Apply. 



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Sorry all, the link has been updated.

Used mine an hour ago, no problems 👍

One for you Michael Gillard

Typically shell are 10c + a litre more than other petrol stations anyway so can it you rip off merchants...

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Happy '17 Day's until Bathurst!' 🤗 #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

Happy 17 Days until Bathurst! 🤗 #VASC


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I just find it hard to believe the rules are being abided By. If they are why isn’t all the Holden teams up with the red bull team. As far as straight line , Also. Correct me if I am wrong. Didn’t red bull. Lap nearly half the cars in the field too . As. I didn’t watch the race and I’m only going on what I read.

Don't like the chances of any Falcon winning it's last Bathurst. Redbulls sand bagging has made sure of that

We're going to be beaten buy a car that doesn't even exist outside of this category like WTF 😡

Time to end that Bathurst drought

Trim that wing, lick the stamp and send it 💪

Not sure what’s going on, 888 had the pace first up to round 8 than DJR pegged them back and now it’s blow out again. I believe a parity issue may exist, though when DJR dominated from round 9 to 15, no issues? I think it’s a case that when 888 turn the screws DJR fall behind. DJR has conceded that 888 will win Bathurst, that a white flag wave right there, poor form DJR, or something up there sleeve, time will tell.

Go get ‘em with that strategy! Let’s see the true Aussie nameplate win our great race! 🏆

Guys if you run like Sandown you had better expect a few pace cars to close the gap !!!! 7 sec behind in first 10 laps..

It's a long race and anything can happen , no mistakes. ,No unscheduled pit stops , and a bit of Bathurst luck and you'll be as good a chance as anyone. When was the last time the pole car won . It's not often.

I believe that dgr have one last trick up their sleeve that nobody knows about that's going to obliterate rbr at Bathurst

Why. Is. It that red bull. Team. Produced. Such. Speed difference. To not. Only the fords. But. Also All. The other Holden teams as well. I. Thought theses cars are meant to be built to one rule and one rule only. Going on sandowns race. Pace of red bull I honestly think it is Bathurst is. Going to be a one horse race between the 888 team cars only.

give the old chook tin a send off at bathurst guys bring it on

It’s not a happy hunting ground for the falcons Jack Windsor

Set up will be key. Let’s hope we are on song.

I dont care if a holden wins bathurst, its a long race and anything can happen. But i dont want to see Scotty dropping the bottom lip like at sandown everytime the camera was on him, looked unprofessional and that wouldnt help any team environment. Put a smile on and give it the teams best.

Need to tune those DJRTP fords to the maz to keep up with T8. Even other Opels teams cant keep up so WTF is going on ??? Some rule bending going on there i suspect by T8 !!!!

Win the one that counts and the championship will take care of itself.

Still have time to buy a 888 rocket will give you some chance of winning..

GO FORD I BLEED BLUE id rather push my ford than drive a holden amen

We go racing there on Saturday in the Bathurst rally

Good luck. I was on pit straight last year to witness the fastest lap. Fingers crossed we finish 1st this year

Just ordered my 4k Foxtel just give the boys more power

Can't wait see you there Scott

See you Guys at the mountain.

I think you have to pull that rabbit out of that hat

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What an amazing achievement in World Motorsport this is. We’re so proud to have played a small part in Penske’s 500 wins. Check out this awesome video that celebrates this incredible milestone.

Team Penske
🏆 Congratulations to Roger Penske and to members of Team Penske, past and present, on the remarkable milestone of 500 wins.

Take a look at how we got to 500 wins with Mike Tirico. 🏁

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Team Penske


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Kurt Camilleri

Carol Boyton

Sam Warry

Big crowd and signing session here at Sunny Sandown! Get on out here to watch the 500. Hour and a half until race start. #VASC ... See MoreSee Less

Big crowd and signing session here at Sunny Sandown! Get on out here to watch the 500. Hour and a half until race start. #VASC


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Looking forward to an awesome race

Leanne Ferronato have a look

well that was a waste of time again.

Are you guys bringing merchandise to the event in new zealand

PENSKI. You got shown the door today fellas. Didn't even see an after race interview. TEAM must have been realy pissed. Hope your Ford's find their legs. I'm so sick of eating humble pie. This has to be our year men...

Whatta place to place tha shirt’r lol


Love that red and the gold wheels😍

Joshua James

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